Friday, June 27, 2014

Comparing Yourself with Others

A friend and coworker shared this video with me today. It's something that I've struggled with in various ways for quite some time. My watching of this video is also timely for me as I am traveling back home from a conference, led by thought leaders in my field which I tend to create similar fantasies about. First, have a watch. It's only about 2 minutes and well worth your time.

I've broken my two year non-writing streak on this blog as I think this is a worthy cause. Comparing yourself to someone else's highlight reel is not doing yourself any favors. Seriously, stop. No matter what it takes. Delete your Facebook account, or whatever app you use if you have to. I've gone through phases just in the past couple of years where I've needed to remove those apps from my phone so it wouldn't be easy to look at while idle.

Instead, engage in conversation face-to-face, or catch up with distant friends via old-fashioned phone calls. It's not that you have friends with terrible lives, but their lives are not as happy-go-lucky as you may be believing after being exposed to only their sharing of what they want to share in a semi-public way.

This is not to say that "my life sucks". Quite the opposite. This is to say that your struggles and problems are probably not unique. Put down the feed. You're not alone, and you don't have to lie to others in order to measure up.

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