Monday, December 27, 2010

Falls Park and Downtown Sioux Falls

While at home, I got together with Dustin to take some photos while Danielle was doing things that I wasn't invited to. We hit up a few parks in the area and went downtown for a few night shots. Temperatures were in the teens or something like that as they do in South Dakota, so we didn't make it too long after the sun went down, but we did catch some pretty cool long exposure shots downtown.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we went with Tim, Laura, Russell, and Alice to Yosemite. When we got there Thursday, it was covered in about knee deep snow. We got there pretty late that day, but got to see one of the better sunsets I've ever seen. Friday we made it back to the park and did a very short hike before the sun went away. Saturday it snowed in the park, so we just stayed at the house (which was pretty awesome). On Sunday, we went back in again to a fresh new coat of snow which somehow made the park even more beautiful. The pictures turned out pretty cool, but it would be pretty hard not to.

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