Monday, October 4, 2010

Dirty, Dirty Politics

While avoiding my actual political views altogether, I'm really frustrated this year by the dirty politics happening this election season (particularly the California governor race). It's ridiculous. This is my first election season in California, so perhaps this is pretty much like normal, but it's more than I can stand. Until tonight (while I was trying to write this, ironically), I had yet to see a single ad on tv or mass mailing about why I should vote for a candidate. Every other ad - and there's been a lot! - has been about why we shouldn't vote for one of the candidates. Come on! I want to hear about something good that someone did, not just elect the one with the least dirty laundry. Ok, I'm done ranting now, but seriously, it makes me want to not vote for either side, but that means I pretty much throw away my vote in this environment.

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