Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ocean Speedway Races

My second outing with the new camera on Saturday was to Ocean Speedway for some sprint car action. Was a pretty fun night except the stands were ridiculously close to the track and we got hit with flying dirt and dust during the 360 sprint cars. They also took a break halfway through the 50-lap main to work on the cars which was a little odd to me. You can also scroll down past the photo gallery for video of a lap of two of the classes that raced.

[gallery link="file" size="large"]

A lap of the micro 600s:

A lap of the 360 sprints:

Farmer's Market

We went to a farmer's market in Sunnyvale on Saturday morning with Tim and Laura. It was my first real outing with the new camera (!) and was a pretty good success. I also got to flex some aperture muscle with the second lens I got on some fruit/veggies which was a lot of fun.

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